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Small town Iowa girl living in big town Phoenix, AZ. Left my town of 5,000 for Arizona State University in 2005...and haven't looked back since! In 2010 I started dating the man of my dreams. He got down on one knee, I cried & said yes! Now we're navigating life as newlyweds with two puppies and a rabbit. I'm lucky to work in marketing for a wonderful non-profit, but the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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Oh heyyyy! See you all on tomorrow! #Regram from @donatelifeaz #MakeYoloMeanMore

You know you live in AZ when you enjoy the gloomy view over blue skies. A nice change of scenery for the day!

We have a new campaign going on at work! We target college students every year and last year I came up with an idea to change YOLO to Your Organs Live On. I was so excited that we got approved to use it this year!

I hope for it to be a popular campaign that will appeal to college students. The whole concept is to make YOLO (you only live once) mean more by registering to be an organ and tissue donor! You only live once but by donating your organs you can live on!

We designed really graphic bro tanks to hand out at back to school events too. We think the tanks will motivate people to register, encourage people to take photos in them to post to social media and that the tanks will be conversation starters. And I built a micro site so we could put on the tanks instead of our regular website. Go check it out!

I’m stoaked to see it all in action this Wednesday when we are at our first event. No matter where you live, you can register to be an organ and tissue donor at

Salty got a much needed haircut this weekend!

Love at first sight! Digging my new Kate Spade purse! Thanks to the surprise sale. #swoon

My family has always been private about our time spent together. It was our way of keeping one thing that was ours, with a man we shared with an entire world. But now that’s gone, and I feel stripped bare. My last day with him was his birthday, and I will be forever grateful that my brothers and I got to spend that time alone with him, sharing gifts and laughter. He was always warm, even in his darkest moments. While I’ll never, ever understand how he could be loved so deeply and not find it in his heart to stay, there’s minor comfort in knowing our grief and loss, in some small way, is shared with millions. It doesn’t help the pain, but at least it’s a burden countless others now know we carry, and so many have offered to help lighten the load. Thank you for that.

To those he touched who are sending kind words, know that one of his favorite things in the world was to make you all laugh. As for those who are sending negativity, know that some small, giggling part of him is sending a flock of pigeons to your house to poop on your car. Right after you’ve had it washed. After all, he loved to laugh too…

Dad was, is and always will be one of the kindest, most generous, gentlest souls I’ve ever known, and while there are few things I know for certain right now, one of them is that not just my world, but the entire world is forever a little darker, less colorful and less full of laughter in his absence. We’ll just have to work twice as hard to fill it back up again.

My only statement. My brothers’ are also online. Thank you for all your kindness, and goodbye for awhile guys. xo (via zeldawilliams)

Salty passed intermediate class [and Pepper passed again]! Way to go pups!


Reblogging this in honor of Robin Williams. Please, if you are battling depression or suicidal thoughts, I desperately urge you to talk to someone. I will listen, and so will the people at this number.


Reblogging this in honor of Robin Williams. Please, if you are battling depression or suicidal thoughts, I desperately urge you to talk to someone. I will listen, and so will the people at this number.

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"We get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds."

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It saddens my heart that someone who brought so much joy and laughter into other people’s lives could suffer from depression. May his memory live on. Rest in peace to a truly inspirational man.

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My #mcm (man crush Monday) is my handsome husband. I pick out his ties and he sends me a snap chat everyday he works. 😍

Having a blast at the concert!

Today was a great day! Started out by waking up and actually “working out”! I use quotation marks because I just walked a mile on the treadmill so it wasn’t too extreme. But it felt great to finally get up and moving before work like I’ve thought about. I got 2,000 steps in so that was a plus.

Then I was kind of rushing to get ready. I wanted to wear this headband but it always falls off my head. So I decided to put the headband on the crown of my head and tried tucking my hair in the headband. Much to my shock, it stayed put and looked really cute! I kept it like that and actually got lots of compliments today! AND to top it all off…when I took it out my hair was fabulously curled! I usually struggle curling my hair so I was super surprised so see such great locks of curls when I took it out. Double score and noted for future when I want a day and then evening look!

After work I met with my #BrankCrew for a happy hour celebration for ohnothingexciting's birthday. Jessica's birthday was last week but with busy schedules this was the first we could all get together. We tried out a [new to me] restaurant called Grads Roots. Started with a yummy meat and cheese tray. Had the best white sangria I've ever had. Then for dinner had a mouth watering po boy sandwich. And washed it all down with a ice cream and brownie on the house! YUM YUM YUM!!! Seriously an amazing meal!

After dinner we continued happy hour…because who are we kidding, with us it’s never just an hour! We ventured next door to Whole Foods. Which sounds crazy but they actually have an awesome bar inside! We chatted it up and focused on planning a girls trip. After throwing our lots of ideas I suggested we each write down a location and the draw one from a cup. Jessica had the honors of picking and selected Portland! At first I was like…uh what? But after talking it sounds like a decent place to go! Any suggestions are appreciated! And honestly any place with my gals is gonna be a blast!

Came home and finished my 10,000 steps. Watching Big Brother before going to bed. I plan to walk again in the morning some before work. And tomorrow night I’m going to the Counting Crows concert with my sis and mom! Fun!

Good way to think about my goals. Gonna give it a try!