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Small town Iowa girl living in big town Phoenix, AZ. Left my town of 5,000 for Arizona State University in 2005...and haven't looked back since! In 2010 I started dating the man of my dreams. He got down on one knee, I cried & said yes! Now we're navigating life as newlyweds with two puppies and a rabbit. I'm lucky to work in marketing for a wonderful non-profit, but the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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I’m craving fall and all clothing associated! Wearing my boots in Denver was such a tease!

#tbt in honor of my Aunt Kathy. It’s been 9 years since you passed and we love you & miss you each day!

A lot has happened since 10/16/05…..9 years worth of memories including:

  • Initiated into my sorority
  • Lots of costumes for date parties, halloween, theme parties and just everyday live
  • 3 Little sisters and a couple grand little
  • Worked at a summer camp to avoid heat first summer
  • Started an on-campus job that changed my life for the better in both strong friendships and career skills
  • 3 Majors, finally settling on Design Management and a Spanish minor
  • Lots of A’s & B’s, one C (wahhhh) and always maintained dean’s list
  • Study abroad in Costa Rica where I  became fluent in Spanish…and also fluent in amazing cuisine and beaches
  • Traveled to Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala, where my sister and I fell in a volcano
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude where President Obama, our first African American president, spoke
  • Alice Cooper also sang “School’s Out for Summer”
  • Moved each year during college before moving back in with my parents upon graduation
  • Graduation trip to Switzerland with my sister…ate tolberone, danced in underground bars and threw snowballs at each other on top of a mountain
  • Took an unpaid internship at a marketing agency
  • Impressed them and quickly hired full time
  • Absorbed like a sponge to learn as much as possible in 8 months because started a job I wasn’t qualified for
  • Faked it till I made it….promoted several times and became a Director by age 24
  • Dad started working with me….then mom joined in on the “fun”
  • Met a really incredible boy who I thought was different than the rest….turns out he was…
  • Moved in with 4 other girls and was conveniently closer to that boy
  • Visited my brother in Believe and had an amazing trip…made me miss Central America deeply
  • Randomly ‘adopted’ a bunny, Chester, over Easter
  • He proposed a short year and a half later (hint…I said yes!)
  • Started planning a wedding….dress shopping, flowers, centerpieces… and stars all over which came as a surprise to no one who knew me
  • Moved in with Paul and lived through bathroom and floor remodels (ughhhh, but they turned out amazing)
  • Mom got really sick and needed by-pass surgery….it was so scary
  • A month before the wedding I took a leap of faith and started a new job at an amazing non-profit
  • Had the most amazing wedding day ever!!!! Seriously the BEST starting forever with my man and celebrating with those who love us the most
  • Little did we realize at the time, but the girl Al had started to date before our wedding would be the one!
  • Surprise puppy as a gift for Christmas….then I returned the surprise with another puppy 11 months later….they’re the best of buds!
  • Al & Sara say “I Do” in a beautiful ceremony in DC
  • Sprinkle in there: 5-ish other family weddings (and the invention of the Drousin, Drunkle & Turkey Baster Shots), several close friends tying the knot, the birth of 8 second cousins, 8+ trips to Vegas, several trips home to Omaha, visits to other cities in the US, making new friends, 2 cars (one brand new that I bought myself!), the passing of 3 amazing uncles, 2 close relatives of Paul’s (one before I knew him), celebrate 8 birthdays in high fashion, 9 Thanksgivings/Christmases/Easters, invention of smartphone/tablets/insane time wasting candy crush and many, many other milestones and small stones.

All of this has happened since you have passed Aunt Kathy. My world has revolved and flipped upside down and right side up so many times since you left. On the 9th anniversary of your passing, I’m not filled with as much sadness as I have been in the past. Instead I’m focusing on how much JOY this list would bring to you! Of course there are several bad things that have happened too but the good by far outweighs the bad.

And I can’t help but think you’ve had a strong hand in that! One by one, you’re making sure all your nieces and nephews fine the best companions. You’ve been behind each of the blessings in all of our lives….the amazing travels, the medical miracles, the sweet babies, the beautiful wedding dress. It’s funny because the last probably sounds the most basic, but that one pulls on my heartstrings the most as clothes and fashion were something you and I spent countless hours bonding over.

We’ve been sad to see your brothers fall ill, but I hope you are enjoying your time with them now. I’m confident you’ve met Paul’s grandma Sandy already….from what I hear she was as amazing as you were so I’m sure you two found each other and concocted the plan for Paulie and I to meet. The blue star sapphire stone of hers gave it away.

I don’t know where the next year, decade, lifetime will take us. But I find comfort knowing you are there to watch over. While you haven’t been here to share in these moments, I have felt you there all along. Please stay close by in my thoughts. And keep a close eye on my mom…your sister…as she misses you as much, if not more, and could really use an angel close by on her side. We all miss you so much…the last 9 years have been hard without you.

I love you the most!!!


From Buzzfeed’s The 19 Best Cards to Send to Someone Who Hates Their Job. These were my favourite ones.


Very proud of my handsome husband! He got a promotion and started this week as the inventory manager for his company (covering three locations)! He’s excited about the new opportunity and is the perfect detail oriented person for the job. Only downfall is he won’t have to dress up everyday, which to most would be nice but Paul loves it!

Saturday marked two years since my mom had bypass surgery. Thanks to the amazing hands of her surgical team and her hard work and perseverance since then, we were able to dance together at my brother’s wedding! I love this photo of my mom, sister and I as our smiles are genuine and so happy! Plus Sara, her mom and sister are in the background behind us.

My mom had her surgery just 6 weeks before my wedding. I don’t know how either of us did it. Her recovering that quickly and me holding all together despite the fear of losing my mom.

I’m happy for the memories we have made in the last two years and the many more to come. She still has many things to overcome health wise but she pushes through it all for us. I love you the most mommy!

  • me: im so bored
  • me: i have nothing to do
  • me: i wish i had something to do
  • basic responsibilities: yo
  • me: not u
  • me: anyway
  • me: im so bored
  • me: i have nothing to do


Could have probably been reminded of this last weekend… :)

Great guide to adult alcohol consumption 😄

Happy birthday to me! Big thanks to my parents for the iPod (engraved Katie Star we love you the most!) and my sister in law for the new eyeshadow palette. I’m so excited for both!

Had a wonderful night out with my friends last night! Thanks everyone for making it a wonderful birthday. ❤️

Did I mention we Facetimed with Paul [and the pups] while I was in Denver? These screen shots make me giggle!!!

Feeling a little like fall in this house! Excited to pull out our fall / Halloween decorations today!

Because they were the people in the theater who gasped at the end of the moving going “wtf that can’t be the end!”

Welp it is!

Loved the movie. And felt cool that I was finally one of those people going “that’s not how it was in the book” during certain scenes! And for the biggest endorsement ever…I hardly ever read and couldn’t put the book down so you should definitely pick it up! Read it first and then go see it because the book really takes you on further mind games than the movie can.


it’s Friday y’all.


it’s Friday y’all.

The birthday celebration continues! Big thanks to my amazing coworkers for the lovely card, flowers, balloons and breakfast this morning!