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Small town Iowa girl living in big town Phoenix, AZ. Left my town of 5,000 for Arizona State University in 2005...and haven't looked back since! In 2010 I started dating the man of my dreams. He got down on one knee, I cried & said yes! Now we're navigating life as newlyweds with a puppy and rabbit. I'm lucky to work in marketing for a wonderful non-profit. But the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.
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My craft list was piling up but luckily I had an old 11x14 frame on hand with nothing in it. I threw some glitter scrapbook paper as a background and bam-snazzy dry erase board! Easy peasey 😄 just need to paint the frame black and it’s perfect!

Three years ago my friends found a bunny while walking their dogs. The bunny had feral cats trying to attack it so my friends went to help and the bunny came right to them. They took him home and were going to keep him until they could find a home. They were going out of town over Easter and posted on Facebook asking if anyone could watch him. I thought it was hysterical to “bunny sit” over Easter so I quickly agreed. When we picked him up they already had a cage and food for him. Paul and I took Chester (the name they were calling him) to my house. Monday came and we didn’t call them to take him back. Finally Thursday they asked us if we were bringing him back…and Paul and I discussed an decided to keep him! We took him to Paul’s house where he’s lived since!

Chester has been such a wonderful pet! Such an surprisingly fun and active little guy! He is so easy to take care and make happy too. He just has the best personality and does these crazy jumps when he’s happy. We love him and would highly recommend a bunny for a pet!

Happy “Birthday” Chester! We love you!


Yes please

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Guess this is what I look like after 12 hours of sleep. #flawless

So happy and excited for this couple! Looking forward to celebrating with them tomorrow at their wedding!

When you remember it completely and don’t want to try and explain it to anyone. So strange the dream dictionaries don’t even know what it means. I can’t stop thinking about it either!

Y’all….Vegas was sooooooooo much fun!!!! I fully plan to do a true recap but until then I just had to post something. Had to make sure to share the joy that was this last weekend. I have a serious girl crush on all these ladies. What a fantastically fun group of women I went with! Seriously cannot get enough of them!!! Including [and especially] the lovely ohnothingexciting!

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.

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Oh heyyyyy thatwarmfuzzyfeelin!

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Suite night at the Suns game with Paul!

Had fun celebrating #BlueandGreenDay with @donatelifeaz! #donatelife #donatelifeaz Pictures are WWE wrestlers, Grumpy cat and Two Peas in a Pod!


I really need a sexual best friend!!! lovelifethemost has one and I’m truly missing out! He just put $500 down her shirt! (Her Vegas cash for the weekend so she doesn’t have to stop at the bank tomorrow—what a considerate hubs)

BACK UP: Peanut was reading through my match account and our convo went like this…
Peanut: What?!? You’re looking for your best friend? Are you replacing me?
Me: My sexual best friend!
Peanut to her other half: You’re my sexual best friend!

Yep! Tee hee





the freeze® is perfect for all wines. just pop it in the fridge to cool your reds to the perfect cellar temperature or store in the freezer to chill your whites. the freeze® keeps your drink perfectly chilled for hours. take the worry out of entertaining with these versatile and reusable glasses.

an idea i can get behind. [seen here | available here]


I haaaate drinking white wine outside in the summer, when I’m not at home, so I’m going to get these.

FYI - These are also available on Amazon (with Prime). They will be to me in a few days. Love it!