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Seems crazy that I’m just not completely my series on my bachelorette…but the last day was too fun/funny not to include! (even 8 months later haha)

We woke up the last morning and packed up the hotel. There were SO many of us in the two rooms that packing was insane! People left in waves but several people had the majority of the day to spend in San Fran so we checked out and asked them to hold our bags. My sister and I were pretty nervous checking out since we had way more people than we said and were very loud. But they didn’t give us any hassle and just smirked asking us if we had fun. They held our bags without issue either-Phew!

We decided to walk around and see some new sights. We hiked the hilly streets of San Fran by Lombard Street, Little Italy and China town. We stumbled across a church having a huge festival / parade and later across an outdoor wedding. As we got into some of the more touristy areas, we popped in and out of shops looking for souvenirs. My sister and I were both on the hunt for a good Christmas ornament. We walked around Fisherman’s Wharf again…this time the sky was clear and it wasn’t freezing! Throughout the day groups had to leave and go back to the hotel and then the airport. With just a few of us left, we decided to bask in the sun in a grassy park just off the water. It was so beautiful out! Then we headed to Ghirardelli’s for some ice cream-YUM! A street vendor had a perfect ornament with the bridges and customized it for me to say ‘Katie’s Bachelorette 2013’ plus I found a nice set of framed paintings that I picked up. The day was almost over so we hopped on a cable car to take us back to the hotel. We had to wait in line for awhile, but it was worth it because we had a TON of fun! And we were on the perfect side so that we could see out to the water. We checked out a few more shops and then the last of us headed back to the hotel for our luggage.

That’s where the fun really started! Four of us were staying that final night and leaving Monday morning (my birthday!). The hotel we had stayed in was never available Sunday night so we had to move. So the four of us lugged our luggage towards the BART. We had a lot of luggage with us so it wasn’t the easiest task. Right away, we had issues getting tickets. We had done it before, but this stop had different options and some of the machines didn’t work. As we were fumbling with the ticket dispenser, a drunk and very large homeless man got off the BART and started yelling at this other girl. I looked over to see him walk to a pillar and start unzipping his pants! OMG- thankfully I whipped my head around and instructed the girls to do the same so none of us saw anything. But the girl he had been yelling at did and she started screaming at him. We were so uncomfortable and just ready to get on the train! Jessica accidentally bought the wrong ticket. Once she had the correct one we went to go to the train. But as she put her ticket in to walk through the gate, Jessica struggled with her luggage and didn’t get through. After hesitating, we told her just to jump it and that’s what she did. But the wheel on her luggage broke! UGH! We got down and were waiting for the train…and saw another drunken homeless man that fell down the escalator and couldn’t get up. It was so scary because no one was helping him but we were too far to do anything. He finally got up and seemed fine. The train arrived and we were so happy to get on it! The hotel was near the airport so we just got off there. There was supposed to be a shuttle from the airport to the hotel but it just took way too long. Finally we took a taxi and arrived at the hotel. After all of that…we realized it probably would have been the same price, and much faster, had we just taken a taxi from the first hotel to the second! Oh well- we will just chalk it up to life experience!

The hotel was not that wonderful…but there was a restaurant basically in the parking lot that was amazing. The food was really great there and completely exceeded our expectations at that point. We were so exhausted that one beer put us all at ease and ready for a deep sleep. We went to bed at a decent hour and all slept well. Shelley got up early to go to the airport and the rest of us slept in some before we needed to leave. We stopped for one last beer in the airport and another great meal. Then we hopped on the plane and headed home.

The trip was so amazing and I felt so blessed that so many of my friends came to celebrate with me! I have been very lucky to make amazing girlfriends in my life. They are funny, loyal and wonderful ladies. I couldn’t ask for better friends!

Before we left, the girls surprised me with a diamond ring Christmas ornament they found in San Fran. It’s so beautiful and is the most appropriate symbol for our trip! Each year at Christmas, I enjoy hanging up ornaments one by one…remembering the vacation and travels that ornament represents. And I have no doubt that as I hang that diamond ring each year, I’ll have a smile on my face thinking back to each one of my girlfriends and that trip of a lifetime!

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