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My brother Al is a foreign service officer. He has been in the states for just over a year learning German before leaving for his second post in Frankfurt. He’s leaving tomorrow. I can’t believe it has been a year already!

When he was in Belize he was in the same time zone, they spoke English and it wasn’t too far away. And this time he’s saying goodbye to his girlfriend who will continue to live in DC. Overall it just feels so much of a bigger deal to me that I can’t even imagine how my brother is feeling.

But he’s made for a job like this. Al has always loved traveling and really immerses himself into different cultures. I know Germany is going to bring him so many good experiences. But selfishly I am sad…even though he doesn’t live near me now and we don’t talk frequently, I will miss the ease of just picking up my cell for a quick call or text. The time difference will make talking difficult but we will all just have to make a point to talk regularly in whatever method ends up being the easiest. Skype? FaceTime? Laptop phone? (Really hope not because his laptop phone was obnoxious last time.)

Best of luck to you big bro! Can’t wait to see Germany through your eyes and learn of their culture vicariously through you! Save travels!

(PS he blogs about his life abroad and the foreign service here if you’d like to follow:

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